Julia is an actor and writer with a particular passion for celebrating the talents of women in theater. Co-founder and co-artistic director of The Hearth

Reviews for NYT Critic’s Pick ATHENA: 

"Ms. Awe and Ms. Greer play their roles with humor, grit and team spirit — palpable even behind those mesh masks....Ms. Greer’s Athena is more worldly, but also much needier and more fragile. The twining of these characters and performances makes “Athena” hugely appealing and stealthily moving"


"But the intense, quirky Athena complicates this combination with an underlying emotional opaqueness. Greer often gives her an impassive mask, making it unclear whether Athena can’t express her feelings and is hiding behind her sharp tongue, or if she is supremely manipulative. This ambiguity is one of the play’s finer touches."


“With the plucky charm of the young Sandra Bullock, Julia Greer is captivating…Ms. Greer gracefully conveys the spirit of wide-eyed innocence with her magnetic portrayal that anchors the presentation."


Julia in The Hearth's FOR ANNIE by Beth Hyland.