Athena by Gracie Gardner | The Hearth at JACK

Produced sold-out, twice extended New York Times Critics Pick and Theater is Easy Best Bet production of Athena by Gracie Gardner.

AthenaProd-229 (1).jpg

For Annie by Beth Hyland | The Hearth 

Produced the critically acclaimed, immersive play at Lucid Body House. Inaugural production for The Hearth

The Power of Punctuation by Natalie Margolin | Julia Greer + Emma Miller + softFocus 

Produced the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway Hit

"A smart, well-acted play, clever at delineating competing demands: the emotional intimacy of friendship and the privacy required to develop, or even dream of, attachments elsewhere.

A small, welcome oasis of entertainment in the middle of this fraught summer"

-Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

From Up Here by Liz Flahive | Full Circle Theatre Project

Conceived, founded, fundraised, marketed, designed, built a production and theater company

"The cast expertly utilizes all corners of the theater, fighting, dancing, and even singing on a simple, but well-designed set....This two-hour play – including 10-minute intermission – flies by, like conversation with an old friend. There’s something especially satisfying about applauding the success of these young actors and actresses..."

-Richmond Family Magazine

"The newly-minted Full Circle Theater Project of Richmond is neither cutely young nor fully seasoned. Composed of graduates of the School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community (SPARC), this group of twenty-somethings performs with a raw intensity that mingles with their relative youth to set a really unique tone....I mean it when I say that the performance of From Up Here was extremely enjoyable and professional, and when I say I recommend it, I really do mean it as I found myself at the community garden the next day enthusiastically encouraging someone to go see it."

-RVA News

Post Grad by Beth Hyland | StageFemmes

Developed, cast, produced, marketed new musical

"For the debut production of StageFemmes, the recently revived student organization that focuses on productions written by and centered on women, Post Grad was a success on all fronts, a show in which many moving pieces were brought together to an enormously entertaining effect. Moving between incisive commentary and light comedy, the production ultimately managed to hit, sometimes painfully and always hilariously, close to home."

-The Kenyon Collegian

Bachelorette by Leslye Headland | StageFemmes

Worked with a local hotel to produce this edgy, wild drama site specifically

"Bachelorette was a well-acted, well-staged play that aimed for brutal honesty. Most of the dialogue involved characters screaming at each other and shrillness eclipsed subtlety.
Before exiting, the stunned audience had to walk across the makeshift stage. Some were crying and some laughed nervously as they stepped around the pills and empty champagne bottles littering the floor."

-The Kenyon Collegian

How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel | StageFemmes

Produced this contemporary classic in the basement of a barn

Alumni-written Site Specific One Act Festivals | StageFemmes

Commissioned, cast, produced, and curated work by female playwrights who graduated from Kenyon College

Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel | StageFemmes

Turned an old locker room into a theater and co-directed this brand new play